HOME-OWNED means…………

Twin River Bank is owned by Twin River Financial Corp. (an Idaho corporation holding company).   Twin River Financial Corp. has approximately 120 stockholders.   About 80% of the stockholders live and work in the Lewis Clark Valley and surrounding area.    We are a Subchapter S corporation and the stock is not publicly traded.    If you have questions about our stock, please contact Marni Bann, CFO at 208-746-4848 .

ANNUAL MEETING:   Stockholder packets are generally mailed the last business day of January each year.   The packets include the Annual Stockholder Report,  Schedule K-1 (Form 1120S) for your personal income tax returns,  Distribution checks, annual meeting information and proxies. Instructions for Shareholder’s Schedule K-1.

ANNUAL STOCKHOLDER REPORT:    Click here to view the 2023 Annual Stockholder Report

QUARTERLY TAX DISTRIBUTIONS:   Quarterly estimated tax distribution checks are mailed out a few days prior to your quarterly estimated tax payment IRS deadlines in April, June, September and January.