.BANK - American Bankers Association

.BANK is a trusted, verified, more secure and easily identifiable location on the Internet for the global banking community and the customers it serves. The .BANK gTLD has Security Requirements that exceed that of most existing and new gTLDs.

Why is .bank more secure? .bank domains signify that a company has been verified as legitimate and is committed to implementing the additional and mandatory security requirements that go beyond existing standards.

Only verified banks, banking trade associations, bank regulators, core processors and other select and approved service providers are eligible for a .bank domain.
Because of the additional security measures taken in the verification process, cybercriminals can be identified and denied the right to obtain a .bank domain name.   Therefore, the .bank environment provides an enhanced level of security against imposter sites and peace of mind for our customers and business partners.

What are the enhanced security requirements in .bank?
• Mandatory verification of charter/licensure for regulated entities ensures the organization requesting the domain is legitimate, the person requesting the domain name is authorized by the company and that the name requested by the company complies with all policies.
• Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) to ensure that Internet users are landing on participants’ actual websites and not being misdirected to malicious ones;
• Email authentication to mitigate spoofing, phishing and other malicious activities propagated through emails to unsuspecting users;
• Multi-factor authentication to ensure that any change to registration data is made only by authorized users of the registered entity;
• Strong encryption to ensure security of communication over the Internet;
• Prohibition of Proxy/Privacy Registration Services to ensure full disclosure of domain Registration information so bad actors cannot hide.

We take the security of our customer’s information very seriously. We wanted to take this extra step to give our customers peace of mind when banking with us online. We believe that the .bank domain provides an additional layer of security that the other top level domains such as .com do not. The number of companies being approved for a .bank domain continues to grow into the thousands and many plan to roll out their .bank sites in the near future.