Manufactured / Mobile Homes

Manufactured / Mobile Homes

Manufactured, mobile, modular: What’s the difference?

Today’s manufactured homes meet Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, which are enforced by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). They are home to about 22 million people living in the U.S.

Mobile homes: Manufactured homes built before June 15, 1976, are still referred to as mobile homes.

Manufactured homes: They shouldn’t be confused with a modular home. Manufactured homes are constructed on a chassis. Modular homes are required to meet the same building requirements as homes constructed on site.

Modular homes: A key difference between modular and manufactured homes is that modular homes tend to hold their value better. It’s also easier to obtain a conventional mortgage for a modular home. 

If you are considering buying a manufactured or modular home, traditional mortgage loans may be available and financing options may differ from traditional home lending for manufactured housing. Knowing available loan options before looking for a home can help you decide what choice is right for you.

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