SBA Paycheck Protection Program

SBA Lender

Twin River Bank is an SBA approved lender and we have worked with local businesses to get an SBA PPP loan.

Below are some links to the U.S. Treasury website with information about the program, the Application Form and the Forgiveness Form.

The program still has funds at this time. To apply, click on the SBA Application form below and save to your computer. Begin to gather the information for the form, complete form and email one of our branch SBA lenders listed below.


Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Forms

SBA Application Form for Paycheck Protection Program

Twin River Bank – SBA PPP Calculator Form

^ To apply for an SBA PPP loan, complete these two forms and email them to your lender with your Federal Form 941s for 2019 and/or other documentation such as Schedule C. The SBA PPP program still has funds; however the program ends June 30, 2020.

SBA PPP Forgiveness Application

AICPA PPP Forgiveness calculator

^ When your business is ready to apply for forgiveness, complete the SBA PPP Forgiveness Application after your 8 weeks is up from the time your SBA PPP Note is dated. Email your lender to let them know it’s ready (do not send attachments yet). Your lender will send you an ENCRYPTED email and you can reply to that ENCRYPTED email with your attachments.

The AICPA calculator tool may help businesses with payrolls to calculate. Note: these forms could change at any time as SBA rules and interpretations change.

SBA & U.S. Treasury

Please review the Government websites for current information as there have been frequent changes to the PPP. You are responsible for monitoring your own business situation and documenting the forgiveness.

US Treasury Website

Small Business Administration Website