Our Commitment to our Customers, our Employees and the Lewis Clark Valley

We are living through an unprecedented time in our country.  As uncertainty and volatile markets surround us, we continue to operate with a conviction to remain strong for our employees and the customers we serve. During the current COVID 19 out-break we are focused on these key areas:
* The safety of employees and those we serve:   We are practicing social distancing and we are prepared to move to home based work for our employees or operate through bank drive-ups as much as possible.  We remain committed to being responsive to you via phone, email, and all other means.   
* The pipeline of loans you’ve entrusted to us: We are working with industry associations, vendor partners, and government officials to keep loans moving to closing in an efficient manner. 
* Protection of your deposit accounts: We remain FDIC Federally Insured and your accounts remain safe within the deposit insurance limits.  We continue to serve our customers’ deposit account needs. 
* Serviced customers: We stand ready to support customers with sound advice and options to protect their homes, businesses and assets with every tool at our disposal. 

Please utilize ATMs, branch drive-ups, online banking, cell phone and tablet apps, branch night deposit drops and/or call us for your banking needs. You can deposit remotely using the bank’s online banking cell phone app! Sign up online if you haven’t already done so.

In challenging times like this we pull together!   Twin River Bank’s staff and management will pursue the best course of action that helps to secure our long-term mutual success in each banking relationship.

Please contact us by email or phone 208-746-4848 with any questions you may have. Jody Servatius, President / CEO